Chappals, Sarees & Asian Footwear

Chappals is a Hindi word which means slippers or sandals. A Chappal is loosely defined as a footwear which is made up of a flat sole with a leather toe peg attached to it. These can come in very basic styles or they can be as elaborate as your imagination will allow. There are many different types of Chappal available from basic carpet slippers to the historic Kolhapuri ChappalPeshawari Chappal and even Jutti.

The Chappal has been a staple of Asian footwear for centuries due to it’s reliability, affordability and ability to deal with the harsh environments of Asia!

This is why our site takes its name from the famous Chappal; we strive to be a reliable UK brand which delivers durable and stylish footwear and ethnic clothing at an affordable price, while also seeking to educate and inform people about eastern styles of footwear and clothing such as Sarees.

We have recently added an online Saree shop to our site which we would love you to have a look at and give us some feedback on!