Chappals.co.uk is a UK based site looking to educate and popularise Asian footwear and clothing including Indian SareesKolhapuri and Peshawari Chappal, Chinese Slippers and Jutti shoes in the UK amongst both Asian and British communities.

At the moment we don’t stock our own Asian footwear, though we may do in the future, instead we direct you (via affiliate links) to the best footwear outlets which have a good range of high quality Asian footwear available.

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About the Author
The authorHello, my name is Dan. I’m an English guy who by marriage has been thrust into a world filled with kolhapuri chappal and other assorted asian footwear, sarees, a language I don’t understand and copious amounts of unfamiliar yet delicious food.

This site is my homage to the beauty of Asian footwear and a vague attempt to help educate and popularise it here in the UK.