Glossary of Saree Related Terms

If you are unfamiliar with Sarees then you may have stumbled across a few Saree related terms which you are unsure about the meaning of. We have put together a list of some of the more common terms below with a simple explanation and picture. If there are anymore that you think we should add to this list then please contact me and let me know.

What is an Anchal?
The Anchal is also know as the Pallu, this is the decorative end piece of the Saree which is usually hung over the shoulder.

what is a pallu

What is the Bhutta?
Bhutta is a style of decorative stitching where small patterns are sewn into the fabric of the saree as shown below.

what is bhutta

What is Chikankari?
Chikankari is a style of white decorative embroidery.


What is a Choli?
The Choli is tight crop top which is worn beneath the Saree.choli
What is a Gharchola?
Gharchola is a distinctive style of Saree from Rajasthan. It is known for it’s use of large checked areas and tie dye work.


What is a Pallu?
A Pallu is the ornamental end piece of a Saree which typically is hung over the shoulder.

what is a pallu

What is a Contrast Pallu?
A Contrast Pallu is a specific style of Pallu decoration (A Pallu is the decorative end piece of the Saree) which uses a large area of colour which contrasts with the main colour of the Saree as shown below.what is a contrast pallu