Pink Saree

Pink Georgette Designer Saree by Trys n Get’s


Stylish and affordable. This head turning pink Saree by Try n Get’s is going for less than £29.00 at the moment!

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Product Description

This classy pink Saree with a beautiful gold frame and patterning will make heads turn without breaking the bank.
This pink Saree by Try n Get’s is made from Georgette fabric. Georgette is a lightweight dull finish crepe type of fabric which was made popular by the French clothes designer Georgette de la Plante. It is fashioned from twisted yarns of silk. It creates a very comfortable and durable fabric ideal for embroidering and printing Saree patterns on. This Saree is 5.5 meters long.
 The Blouse part of the Saree is made from Dhupian fabric and is 0.8 meters long.