Sarees to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Sarees are also spelt as Sari or Shari. The Saree is a traditional Indian garment worn by women. The Saree is made up of one long piece of fabric which is at least 5 meters long but may be as long as 8 meters, it is usually between 60cm and 120cm wide.  It is wrapped around the body and draped over the shoulder. One of the best things about Sarees is that you dont need to worry about getting the right size one as if there is too much fabric you can just wrap it around one more time!

What Colour Saree to Wear to an Indian Wedding

When Saree’s are worn day to day the colour will often be chosen based on the colour of the mood which the saree wearer wishes to express on that particular day. However as a wedding is a day of joy and celebration the saree you wear should reflect that so don’t be afraid to go for bright, bold coloured sarees that will stand out. However make sure you don’t wear a white saree as they are traditionally worn to funerals, it’s also a good idea to avoid Red too as this colour is usually worn by the bride.

Rajarams Wear Purple Coloured Pure Georgette Saree for Women
Yellow Banarsi Katan Handloom Silk Saree
EthnicWear Wedding Wear Pink Saree
Sudarshan Silks Design Saree Sari
Ethnicwear pink designer Saree Sari

Dress Code for Wedding Sarees

When attending a wedding it is important that you respect appropriate dress codes particularly for the religious ceremony. In any religious ceremony it is important that your shoulders are covered and that you are not wearing a short skirt or low cut top. A traditional Saree should fit this dress code.

Footwear to go with your Wedding Saree

Although your footwear probably wont be particularly visible under your Saree it is still important to pay attention to it. You should either wear some stylish heels or go for the more traditional Kolhapuris or Juttis.

Buy Indian Wedding Sarees

Surprisingly one of the best places online in the UK to buy Sarees from is Amazon. They have a huge range of beautiful Sarees available to suit all styles and budgets. A few examples can be seen below, feel free to click any of the links to browse similar Sarees:

Green Banarasi Saree

Emroidered Lahenga Saree

Ethnic Bollywood Style Light Blue Saree Ethnic Net Yellow Lehenga Saree
Green banarasi supernet saree triveni embroidered lehenga saree
Indian Ethnic Bollywood Wedding Net Light Blue Fancy Saree
Indian Ethnic Bollywood Wedding Net Yellow Fancy Saree Lehenga Saree
A Stunning Green Banarasi Supernet Saree

A beautifully embroidered purple Saree.

About 4.5 metres long.

Take a bit of Bollywood glamour to the wedding with this beautiful Saree. A gorgeous and very intricate Saree with beautifully detailed embroidery.
££ – Check price on Amazon ££ – Check price on Amazon £££ – Check price on Amazon £££ – Check price on Amazon

How much Should I spend on a Wedding Saree?

Sarees can vary in price from a few pounds to thousands of pounds depending on how they are made and decorated. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to remortgage your house to get a great looking Saree that will not look out of place in any wedding!

Typically most wedding guest will spend between £90 – £300 on their wedding Saree but if you are willing to have a good look you can find some very elegant Sarees for less than this which wouldn’t look out of place at any Asian wedding.